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Sunday 15 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

Achieving Your Goals - Five Simple Steps to Success

Do any of these sound familiar?

* You said you'd get into shape, but those trips to the gym are not happening? * You promised yourself you'd complete your monthly report, but the clock is ticking and it's not getting done? * You committed to writing a new resume, but can't seem to stay motivated to complete it?

For anyone who has ever struggled with meeting their goals - whether personal or professional - they know that the best plans and most sincere aspirations tend to get bogged down. We start off with great ambition and motivation, and then reality sets in.

When you are setting goals for this new year, I encourage you to follow these five steps to help ensure you reach them:

1. Make them realistic and vivid - Ambitious goals are great, but they should be achievable and meant to start small and build on successes. Also, paint a clear picture for yourself of what reaching this goal will mean for you. Have that vivid mental image to serve as your target.

2. Focus focus focus - All too often we see people set 4 or 5 big goals. The chances of keeping on track for all or even most of them is slim at best. Better to target one or at most two goals you can really commit to.

3. Reward your successes - Set interim milestones early-on, and give yourself a reward for achieving each.

4. Enroll others to help you- Friends, family, peers, co-workers, coaches... their are so many people out there who will want to help. Declare your intentions, and ask them to help with encouragement and reminders, and a swift kick in the "aspiration" when needed.

5. If you get off track, don't let that derail you - We all have missteps along the way to lasting change. Don't beat yourself get back on program!

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