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In 1876, Alphonse Lancel and his wife Angèle decided to open a factory in Paris, specialized in the production of pipe and associated with cigarette with substance. Until 1883, Lancel business was getting better and better, in Paris Lancel opened a lot of stores, and established of a "elegant Parisian" image.

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Warmth And Style With Woolen Scarves

The much-loved winter scarves made of wool find their importance mostly as winter approaches. As temperatures begin to fall, both men and women start rushing to acquire classy and warm winter scarves. At times, it is a big challenge since scarves sho ..........Read full article

Scarves - Different Types and Explanations

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Silk Scarves and Shawls - The Essential Fashion Accessory for St

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Incontinence Underwear For Women - Fashion Finally Arrives!

Incontinence is often times thought of as a woman's issue and the fact is, women experience it more than men simply because women are the ones who go through childbirth. Doesn't seem fair does it? However that's the way it is. Pregnancy and giving bi ..........Read full article

How to Choose a Special Doll

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Prepare a Pair of Fashionable Shoes for Your Female Friends As t

According to a British survey, it is said that a woman would spend over 3,000 hours dressing up throughout her life on average. It is not a surprise when we spare no effort to make sure that we look perfect from tip to toe before we go out every morn ..........Read full article

The Different Types of Nike Shox Navina Shoes

When you think of running shoes for women, one of the first things to people's mouth is the Nike Shox Navina. This is a truly amazing running shoe and it is accomplishes this by being comfortable, stylish and offers great performance. This article wi ..........Read full article

Suits For Toddlers - Suiting Up For the Occasion

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Natural Health Coach is Necessary When Starting to Use Homeopath

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Christian Louboutin Sale - A Better Choice for the Belle

Louboutin Footwear for both Men and Women -Footwear might be a negligible thing for the men in general. However, the foot fetish persons treat them as a precious piece of jewelry. For men, there might not be a variety of choices in connection with cl ..........Read full article